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"I want to thank you for a beautiful exhibit. Your photos are lovely and garnered much praise." Rich, owner of Gryphon Cafe on Lancaster Ave in Wayne, PA.

Thanks for sharing your photography and life with us! Life has been hard in our home lately but your photos made me smile and remember there IS beauty and innocense in the world. I especially love "Lashes." Thanks!- M. from the Burlap and Bean Community

Emily ~ I was at Seven Stones this morning having coffee with a friend and it warmed my heart to see your work on their walls AND imagine my delight to pick up your promo cards and see all the many many shows you have in store over the next year. So proud of you chasing your dream and sharing your talent with the local art scene!!- Tara Endicott, Burlap and Bean

It was enjoyable to have a big splash of color on our walls during the winter, when it's cold and drab!- Audrey Graham Amaro, Seven Stones Cafe

You're right! Your photos' vibrant colors do invoke a sense of warm-hearted joy. They are full of life! Maybe it's the sensitve mood I'm in, or the fact that I'm a young woman who hopes for a family one day, but reading your captions made me well-up with tears....and smile! Especially the "Beetle Friend" ... "It's a memory!" How Lovely. Thank you.- J. from the Seven Stones Cafe Community

Emily Geddes was our featured artist for a winter display at Marple Library. Her enhanced photography was very impressive with outstanding color. The patrons comments were very good:"She made my day""great color and detail in the flowers""I could enjoy this work forever in my home" "I am a gardener and they were very moving for me." A member of the Library's board (she a background in appreciation of art) told me, "They were vivid with outstanding color" - Shirley Blake, Marple Public Library

What a treat it was browsing through Emily's website. Wow! It's very professional and, obviously, this isn't a hobby. She is truly a talented photographer. If I know anyone wanting photos of children, I'll recommend Emily for sure. - Norma Egendorf, Owner of Egendorf Morrison, a creative marketing agency

You were so much fun at the party. FABULOUS FABULOUS photos. You caught some amazing shots and have such a great eye! Thank you. You are gifted girl! I haven't had a good shot of us together in almost 12 years. You ROCK!- Maureen

The photos are awesome! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You're awesome, too. I don't know how you do it. -Susan, mother of two daughters

I LOVE THEM!!!!!! YOU ARE SO TALENTED, GREAT JOB! -Jenn, mother of three

Oh my gosh!!!! They are just beautiful!! You did a great job and I really don't have any idea how I am going to pick them. I can't thank you enough for your hard work. I quickly got on the phone to tell my sister how wonderful the session was. - Denise, mother of three boys

I love the special pictures you made for [my son]. They are so good! You picked some really good shots to use. An added bonus for me is that I think I am going to use them as Christmas gifts for the grandparents!!! - Elisabeth, mother

These are great photos! You really have a talent for capturing people's personalities! -Anne, grandmother of five

Thanks so much once again for taking the photos of [my daughter]. I love looking at them! It was nice to talk to you, and thank you for allowing her to "invade" your home! Megan, mother

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